ERP Consulting – Oracle & SAP

ERP consulting is the combination of services associated with implementing an ERP system. ERP consulting can encompass everything from initial business auditing and ERP system selection, to on-going training, support and workflow optimization.

The right ERP software selection is important for setting your company on the right growth path—but the services offered are the true differentiator in getting a full solution that will make the business improvements you need a reality.

Training and on-going education are essential parts of successfully implementing a new ERP system and are critical for gaining the full benefits long-term. Well-trained users are efficient, highly motivated and often discover new ways to save time and improve business processes.
Examples of what we do:

    ~Design and build high-performance, complex software — software that optimizes and runs departments or entire organization.
    ~Design and build transactional portals that connect you with your customers, suppliers, affiliates, or staff.
    ~Create transformative digital strategy that accelerates your organization’s objectives.

We bring empathy, creativity, and collaboration to all of our client relationships.

We work with below providers in delivering our solutions:

    ~Azeemi Technologies for Oracle Solutions
    ~Imark Technologies (imark360) for SAP Solutions

Please reach us for more details on 020-2300028